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This large town of 3,500 souls sits on the western shore of the White River where it comes to rest into the Korm Basin in the east of The Great Dragon Sea. The ruler of this bleak stretch of wilderness is Lord Calunghetta, a Pomerainian hero who became leader by the will of the Council of Warriors after the old lord passed beyond. An unpredictable and moody man, he is also brave and won his place after freeing the Hills of Mokyll from the might of a Hill Giant and bringing that place and the dwarfs who reside there under Silverhaven rule. The seat of power is a fortified manor house atop Sentinel Hill which looks down upon the river mouth, docks and fish and farmer's markets below. Head of the Town Watch is Captain Balthus, a reliable right arm and cohort of many seasons. He leads a squad of 35 unruly and dishevelled oiks who demand his constant attention to keep the town in order. Bribery is rife in the Watch, who are happy to earn extra coin turning their gaze away from wrong-doing or acting as extra muscle for the unscrupulous. In times of trouble 175 troops can be called on to repel Svartalfar incursions or unruly tribes seeking plunder. The town is surrounded by spike filled ditches and wooden ramparts on three sides and the wide and fast flowing river to the east. This has dissuaded most glory seekers from making a move on the town and there has not been war in the region in a generation. Inside the walls the day to day running of the town is left to the town council led by Brennen the Burgomaster who is elected by local land owners. The Guild of Trades run by the dwarf Ulfgar from his warehouses by the river also has much influence in local affairs. The spiritual life of Silverhaven revolves around the temple/music hall of Abarta and the Wind Dancers, a local sect who venerate Idun, Skadi and Tyche. There is also a temple to Modi which houses a gladitorial pit that serves up entertainments every Godsday afternoon. Recently, Cilhadrai agitators from across the water have been seeking the attention of the common folk, spreading dissent and ill-will against the ruling bodies but so far no action has been taking against them.    

35 Shops:- Animal Dealer, Bakery, Bathhouse, Bordello, Brewery, Carpenter, Dairy, Farmer's Market, Fishmonger, Freight Company, Furrier, Gambling House, Granary x2, Inn x2, Lamp and Oil Shop, Rope Maker, Sail Maker, Stable x2, Tailor, Tavern x3, Trading Post, Undertaker, Warehouse x4, Weaponsmith, Weaver, Woodcarver

Plains Encounters

Wild Dog                              01 - 02  
Giant Ant                              03 - 05
Giant Bombadier Beetle        06
Giant Fire Beetle                   07
Dire Bat                                08 - 10
Huge Monstrous Spider        11
Giant Bee                             12
Wererat                                13
Gnoll                                    14 -15
Dire Wolf                             16
Goblin                                  17 - 18
Giant Wasp                          19
Halfling                                 20 - 21
Hobgoblin                            22
Hippogriff                             23
Cockatrice                           24
Werewolf                             25 - 26
Doppleganger                       27
Bandit                                  28 - 36     Rural thieves on the lookout for easy pickings
Pilgrims                               37 - 38      Worshippers of Abarta, Lugh or Uller
Tribesmen                           39 - 40     Cilhadrai hunter-gatherers, wary of arcane magic 
Merchant                             41 - 68     Merchant caravan with guards and retinue
Nomads                               69 - 70     Tuel hunter-gatherers, riders of the plains 
Farmers                               71 - 80     Tillers of the soil
Ogre                                    81 - 83
Orc                                      84 - 87
Dire Rat                               88 - 89
Giant Eagle                           90 - 91
Gargoyle                              92
Wolf                                    93 - 00

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