Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Starter Box Smackdown

  Things are a bit quiet at work so I've spent the day pulling out the figures that I've been painting for the past year or so and having a rumble. It took ages to set up the battle but the different units look great now that they've had a lick of paint.

  I've learnt a few things as I played through. Knowing your units and how they work with each other is really important so printing out whatever warscrolls you need and reading through them all before play helps speed things up immensely. I used up a lot of time looking up units on the app and although it is very helpful it is better to have the info on hand for easy reference. Hero phase abilities and unit special rules need to be remembered and it is useful to have some kind of tokens to mark who has attacked during the combat phase. Battleshock is at the end of a turn and not after each phase. Had to wean myself from doing that. Units can attack in both the shooting and melee phase although they'll probably be rubbish in one or both of them. With that in mind the next battle should go a lot quicker.

The range on these rifles is immense. 

  As I started taking some pictures the sky turned black and we had half an hour of sleet come crashing down. With the loss of light I had to put some lamps on to enable the camera on my phone to take a half decent image.

Spider riders can do a lot of damage on the charge but need backing up to stop them being cut to ribbons in melee.

The two goblin units managed to trap a charging unit of Imperial spearmen between them but couldn't muster enough damage to defeat them.

The orcs were deployed behind the goblins to protect them until they could get into melee but the Imperial spearmen and horde of goblins that were in combat with them blocked their route to the enemy and so they never came to blows.

Trolls are brutal. This one took out four high elves in one turn and four others subsequently ran for it to avoid being ground into paste.

Boom! Shake, shake, shake, the room. No special dice required.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Warhammer 7th Edition

  Phase 1 complete!

  With the completion of the Battle of Skull Pass set I have now painted up 3 of the 5 Warhammer Fantasy Battle starter sets. I now have a nice looking Orcs and Goblins army and some Empire, High Elves and Dwarfs to set them against. Since starting my painting challenge I have since bought an Orc Warboss on Wyvern, Giant, and a unit of Black Orcs with command units and Grimgor Ironhide to lead them. I have also picked up one of the new Start Collecting Greenskinz boxes because I wanted some Boar Riders and extra orcs and the box was really good value. I will now be painting my way through these bits and bobs before resuming the challenge with the 5th Edition Herohammer set.

  Night goblins were painted last year, dwarfs just finished. I'm definitely getting better with my brush work.