Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Short Tour of the North West (Pt One)

Stonefist - Facing the brunt of the cold northern winds and cut off from the world by the Dragonspine Mountains and the Forest of Deeps lies Stonefist. As bleak as could be, with long desperate winters and fleeting summers. The people are exceedingly tough and hardy, with even the least of them willing to take up arms against incursions of trolls or ogres. Isolated, superstitious and strong.

Krakenheim - Raiders, reavers and despoilers of other lands, the ships of Krakenheim are feared for hundreds of leagues for their lightning raids and razing of towns and villages. They hold the town of Glotspur under it's thrall and have built many other colonies along coastlines from Eadelbraig to Kairouan. 

Glotspur - Beleaguered Glotspur, it's ships commandeered by it's oppressor, has had to look to it's neighbours in the Northern Free States to allow trade to flow south to the Pomeraine city states. An undignified turn of events indeed for these once proud peoples.

Farfield - A small trading town of the Northern Free States, a stretch of land that buffers the Cilhadrai Territories and the Tuel Heartlands. Wild and reckless, a person's life depends on the swiftness of their sword arm. A place of meetings, beginnings and grand schemes. Treasure hunters, bounty killers and many others who seek a quick way to riches congregate here and are quick to bleed the gold from the unwise and unwary.

Silverhaven - A town of balances. Between the warrior elite and merchants, Cilhadrai and Tuel, old noble houses and fresh blood from the migrations. All is held in check by whomever sits upon Sentinel Hill. But for one push all could so easily topple and the wastelands will once again creep over these old stones and reduce them to ruin.

Durgabel - A warm hearth and a safe roof in an otherwise unruly part of the world. The halls of the King of Durgabel have been a stable influence in the area since anyone can remember. The King is well liked and treats his subjects well but he is also no fool and the responsibility of leadership sometimes lies heavy upon his head. He is also old, and the crown must soon to pass to new shoulders.

Wintershiven - The might of Wintershiven keeps even Krakenheim from it's shores. Unofficial capital of all the Northern Free States and gateway between north and south. Led by the Dragon Council, this city has grown wealthy and strong and seeks to rule all the states as a northern empire to match that of Viristanium or Lysander to the south. In this way it may keep it's peoples free from southern hostility and safe from harm.

Soull - Trader kings of the Great Dragon Sea. The merchant houses here operate trading links as far as the Burning Lands and Baklunish. They use this wealth to buy off the forces of Krakenheim and to set up colonies wherever there is gold to be made. Strongly defended, industrious and walled are the towns of Soull and pity any fool enough to try to beseige them!

Arras - Most easterly of the Tuel Heartlands and nestled between the White Forest, the Bialowieza Forest and Darkwood and also lying at the crossing of two great rivers. Arras is a resting post for travellers from Tournai in the south to Wintershiven and Vortigern. Run ably by the Three Sisters this city of former horse nomads stands proud and unconquered.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Middle

  Last night on The Middle Weird Ashley cancelled her date with Axl because a Dungeons and Dragons player had asked her out and his character was a 9th level Magic User. I had to replay that bit because a) I was laughing too much causing my wife to miss the next bit and b) Magic User? I guess there's a couple of explanations for this incongruity, since MU hasn't been a term in the game since the 80's. One :- Someone writing for the show played D&D when they were younger and popped it into the script using it as an easy reference for something Ashley would be interested in. I think this is pretty cool as it means people in the media feel they can throw in a term like D&D without any explanation of what it is and expect the viewers to recognise the reference. Hey Hasbro! D&D is still a name brand after all :D. Of course, the other explanation is that Ashley's friend is rocking the old-school!

Couldn't find a piccie of Weird Ashley so here's Chevy Chase in Community, another show that's D&D friendly. What's going on? Have a bunch of role-players infiltrated sit-com writing circles? I guess all those creative types left college and are now the position to write what they enjoy and have the backing to get it on the screen. It's some kinda D&D renaissance!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Epic Win!

Was working on some maps for the Northern Free States but when I saw the beautiful map of Westeros that was put online recently I had a major re-think. I'm now re-starting them with less emphasis on accuracy and I bit more romance and mystery. Will post them up when they're done (of course). In the meantime here's what I found in a local second hand shop today for £6. I am more than well chuffed! I'd just commented about this game last week and here it is waiting for me to hand over my moolah. Fate, you're a wonderful thing.