Saturday, 17 March 2012

Places and Faces of Silverhaven

  Lord Calunghetta - Ruler of the lands of Silverhaven, Liberator of Mokyll. His fortified manor of Sentinel Hill looks down on all around.
  Burgomaster Brennen - Stern and humourless head of the town council which is made up of 14 local land owners and aristocracy. The Town Hall has recently been re-built in the southern style and is the finest building in many a mile.
  Ulfgar - Leader of the Guild of Trades which controls all goods entering and leaving Silverhaven and levies taxes for the state, which is then allocated by the town council for the upkeep of state properties. After Lord Calunghetta has taken his cut, of course.
  Roxana Calunghetta - Headstrong daughter of Lord Calunghetta, sharp of tongue and blade.
  House Bronislaw - Disposed ruling family after the death of Lord Henryk Bronislaw. Voted out of office by the Council of Warriors. 

  Captain Balthus - Tireless warhorse and steady hand. 
  Council of Warriors - Called whenever there is a major threat to the state or to decide who should sit upon Sentinel Hill. All are equal in the council regardless of deeds or wealth.

  The Wind Dancers - A loose affiliate of good hearted freedom loving folk who meet between the fields and the crashing sea. Dancing, song and communal feasting make up the worship of this triptych of Goddesses which begins with the sacrifice of a calf which is then roasted for the evening meal. The bones are then returned to the earth, to nourish the soil and provide life anew.
  Temple of Abarta - See The J.P. Grosse Music Hall
  Hall of Modi - Every Godsday the good folk of Silverhaven can stroll into the Hall of Modi for an afternoon of physical challenges and gladitorial combat. Captured Svartalfar, criminals and other unruly elements all find their way eventually to the sandy pit for a last moment beneath the sun before their blood is let and their souls depart to the hereafter.

Rest and Recreation
  The J.P. Grosse Music Hall - Let the wine flow, the doors are open for revelry! Any act worth their salt has to play the Music Hall. Performers from all over the world make their way here to receive the blessing of Abarta and prove their mettle with the audience. Alair the Druid looks after the entertainments with a keen mind and open heart, and looks after his irritating star turn The Magnificent Ralf with his bear companion! Who J.P. Grosse was has been lost in time.  
  Consualia D'Evart - D'Evart's girls cater for all sorts of tastes but any violence within the rooms  is immediately dealt with. Lord Calunghetta is very fond of his charges and the Hall of Modi is always looking for fresh meat for the slaughter. 
  Gertie McKinley - Bathhouse and barbers and a good source of local news and gossip. Anyone requiring extras will be directed to D'Evart's Bordello. Gertie and Consualia are both rumoured to be the mother of Roxana Calunghetta, something Lord Calunghetta has never shed any light on, if he could.
  House of Tyche - Anyone with a heavy purse will soon find it lightened after a trip to this gambling house. It is extremely well guarded and disappointed customers either leave by the front door or quickly find themselves in the town gaol beneath the Town Hall. 
  Great Northern - Sailors, traders and other travelers could do worse than stopping off here whilst in town. Rooms to let for any and all purposes. Staff are well paid and know when to avert their gaze and still their tongues. Speak to Antoni and he will procure any special requirements you may have to make your stay comfortable, no questions asked.
  Dewdrop Inn - Reasonably priced rooms for those needing a good night's sleep. Mama Thornton runs a respectable place and doesn't tolerate any nonsense.
  The Happy Whelk - Cosy dive nestled in the Shambles, a collection of shacks and hovels just inside the western gate. 
  Maggie's - The place to eat in town. Good quality food in a comfortable setting. Owned by one of the sons of Bronislaw and the starting point of many intrigues.
  Nosnra's Folly - Rowdy drinking hall and place of much merriment and debauchery. All pleasures rough and ready can be found within it's walls and the town guard are well acquainted with the staff and patrons. Open till late, or all night if the coins keep flowing.

Trades and Businesses
  Beasts of Field and Far - Creatures of many descriptions can be purchased from this stockyard. Escapees have caused the town guard concern, and some absentees are still unaccounted for.
  Greggory's - Cheap treats and pastries for the undiscerning.
  White River Brewery - Supplies the locals with enough good cheer to see them through any hard times.
  Harry's Carpentry - Furniture and home building made with locally sourced wood from the lumber consortium at Falcon's Hollow.
  Fields of Korm Dairy - Sumner's cows produce a fresh creamy draught well liked by the local citizenry.
  Farmer's Market - Most of the everyday trade of the town happens here.
  Stephen Donaldson's Fishmongers - Fresh fish from the Korm Basin.
  Ulfgar's Caravan and Shipping - The center of Ulfgar's trading kingdom sits within the docklands surrounded by warehouses and boatyards. Well fortified and guarded at all hours, not just by mortal means but with arcane enchantments and other unnatural methods.
  Elsie Tanner's - Leather working and protective wear from this matriarch of soldiery.
  Illuminations - Oils and elixirs for all your needs. Aron is an amateur alchemist and usually has a few bottles of an unusual nature stashed behind the counter.
  The Upper Cut - Does the cut of your cloth need to impress? Then Upper Cut tailors is the place to head to. The brothers Tomasz are well connected to the respectable part of society and aren't discreet!
  Bronislaw's Trading Post - The merchant family and rivals of Ulfgar make most of their money with shipments coming and going from these offices in the north of town. But certainly not enough to support the standard of living which they enjoy. Where the source of the rest of their wealth comes from is the source of much speculation.
  Tombland - The graveyard to the north of town is maintained by a family of oddballs who go by the name of Raginmund. Close contact with the dead and grieving has affected their mental state but they do ensure that the disceased stay in their graves, to the great relief of those living nearby. 
  Blades - Nestled next to the Hall of Modi and the Farmer's Market, all treasure seekers and swords for hire pass through Sergiusz's doorway. He'll be found in a large leather armchair keeping a close eye on his assistants but don't let his apparent slothfulness deceive you. He is a cunning and agile fighter and a veteran of many battles.
  Weaver Carrie - Cloths and Tapestries made to order.
  Monty's Woodworking - Carvings of rare and unnatural beauty.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Scissors and Glue

Been busy with the stationary supplies to create a custom character sheet for PF Beginners. What could be more old-school than scissors and a stick of paper glue?