Friday, 18 November 2016

A Quiet Moment

Sitting up here in the man cave and it's getting to the end of the year. Laundry is drying on the clothes rack behind me next to the box of Battle Masters that I don't want to deconstruct and put away just yet. Half painted Empire spearmen are awaiting a trip to the shops for more green after I'd used it all on my greenskin horde. Yesterday I re-installed my copy of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition on the lap-top to see if would work on Windows 10 ( it did ) and had an enjoyable time re-learning the game.

  The news of the new Blood Bowl edition led me to look at Age of Sigmar again and I quite fancy picking up the General's Handbook now that GW has produced a way of balancing armies that isn't going to break my bank account. All of the army costs in one book, they haven't done that since the (very good) 6th edition Ravening Hordes lists or the classic 3rd edition book before that. I won't be buying any figures brand new but maybe GW is heading in the right direction.

  Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Warhammer Project

  A year and a half ago I started buying Warhammer starter sets because although I have been a role-player for over 35 years Warhammer seems to have passed me by. I'd bought the 2nd edition and the Orc's Drift pack when it came out and had a whole bunch of Chronicle orc figures but never really got into it.

  Cut to now and I have managed to track down all of the 4th to 8th edition sets and have slowly been assembling and painting them up. I started with the orcs from the 6th set, moved onto the goblins of the 4th and 7th (picking up a stone thrower, fanatics, a warlord on a wyvern and some black orcs on the way) which gave me a neat little army and am now painting up some of the good guys.

  I have just finished the 4th edition set so I thought I'd pop some photos up. Not bad for an amateur methinks.

I now have the Imperial troops from set 6 undercoated and hope to have them done by Christmas. After that it's the dwarfs from Skull Pass which will leave the whole of the 5th and 8th sets for next year (with a bit of luck!)