Thursday, 17 December 2015

Into the Great Wide Open

  I've converted my players' characters from my home-brew Pathfinder rules into 5th edition with remarkable lack of hassle. There is so much less math involved and the equipment choices and new rules for magic along with the traits, flaws, bonds and ideals make creating a new character more than just a stat balancing exercise.

  After that I converted Albie Fiore's classic "Lichway" scenario (not too hard) and updated my world encounter tables to bring them in line with the new Monster Manual (aquatic encounters were a pain but they were in the Pathfinder version too).

  The party will be starting off in the lakeside village of Garen's Well  12 miles west of Falcon's Hollow in the County of Tydd Gote. After a quick trip across the lake into the mountains the party will be ready to face what lurks beneath...

Monday, 30 November 2015

Good to be Back

  I've been working the summer over at a family restaurant at a popular seaside resort but am now back on regular hours and can do stuff other than work and sleep again. Some friends of mine want to start up a regular D&D session and could I dm for them? Sure can! We will be using 5th edition rules but I will mainly be using 1st edition adventures because it's just such an easy rule set to use and I love them old school scenarios. First up will be "The Lichway" by Albie Fiore from way back in "White Dwarf issue 9" and "Best of White Dwarf Scenarios".

  I love this adventure. It's one of the first I remember exploring as a character when I first started playing this game 30 years ago and it has heaps of atmosphere and great little details waiting to be discovered. I'll tap up a play report after our first session with conversion notes and what have you.
  If they survive that then they should be 2nd level and ready to discover the sinister secret of Saltmarsh.

Friday, 10 July 2015

My First Fifth Edition Character

  I've just bought the new 5th edition rule books after much hooing and hawing and I'm really enjoying reading through them. Wizards have packed a lot into the pages without it becoming overwhelming and confusing. In fact it is really easy to find stuff and there are no over complicated equations for how far you can jump or what the DC is to climb along a 9" wide slippery ledge on a windy day.

  After making up my first character what has struck me is how good the backround system is with it's traits, ideals, bonds and flaws. Instead of an anonymous murder hobo or pages of elaborate backround notes the DM will never read through we have a neat little procedure around which to base a character's personality.

  I decided that my guy's traits would be that he was polite, respectful and meticulously tidy. His ideal was personal responsibility and his bond was to his old service buddies but that he had trouble trusting them or anyone else after his unit routed and left him in the heat of battle. This served the soldier-standard bearer backround that I had given him and I picked the trinket of a scrap of cloth from an old banner to further reinforce his past. Job done in half an hour and ready to play!

Human Rogue     Level 1
AC 14                  Alignment LG
HP  9                   Proficiency Bonus +2

Str    11                Armour:- Light
Int    15                Weapons:- Simple, Hand Xbow, Longsword, Rapier, Shortsword
Wis   9                 Tools:- Thieves' Tools, Land Vehicles, Dragon Chess
Dex  16
Con  13                Saving Throws:- Dex and Int
Cha  14
Speed 30'              Languages:- Common and Goblin

Skills:- Athletics (Str), Insight (Wis), Intimidation (Cha), Investigation (Int), Perception (Wis),       Persuasion (Cha)

Abilities:- Sneak Attack 1d6, Expertise (Thieves' Tools and Insight), Thieves' Cant

Armour:- Leather
Weapons:- Shortsword 1d6; Shortbow 1d6, Range 80/320; 2 Daggers 1d4, Range 20/60

Equipment:- Backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days rations, waterskin, 50' rope, An insignia of rank, cilhadrai drinking horn, deck of cards, set of common clothes, 10gp

Monday, 22 June 2015

Toy Soldiers

Mighty Empires. Peace was reached after the missus said that I needed to clear the table.

Heroquest. One game to rule them all.

Battle Masters. No, I won't be painting the figures. The Empire won the last battle after the Horde had trouble moving across the river and a battalion of archers held position on one of the crossing points until a unit of cavalry could move up behind the enemy and wipe them out.

A Day Off

I've been transferred to a seaside restaurant and have been working mad shifts lately. Life's good though. The spare room is getting a bit packed out so will need to have a bit of a sort out soon.

On top of Mighty Empire is Battle Masters. I've been having a bit of a Games Workshop retro phase lately but I've never been interested in collecting figures or doing loads of painting. BM is Warhammer-lite and is good fun for a rainy afternoon. If I'm after something a bit more technical I'll get Warhammer Diskwars out. I've picked up a copy of the 3rd edition of Talisman and have been enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I suppose it all depends on who you're playing it with I think. Less trudging round and round the board waiting for someone to get powerful enough to beat the dragon king than I remember from my teens. The finger of death spell helped.

Love playing Smallworld and Lords of Waterdeep. They are definitely the go to games at the mo'. My better half even enjoys Waterdeep (quite a recommendation). Found 6 player Buccaneer in really good condition with nothing missing in a thrift shop for £20! Arrgh! Peeking round the corner there is Blood Bowl Team Manager which is quite a laugh. The World of Warcraft board game is a recent purchase and is really well made with an interesting ombat system. Needs LOTS of time to play though, even with just 15 turns each. Not one for people who want to deliberate over strategies and power combinations becuase you'll just have the other players wanting to give you a slap. In the same groove is Conquest of Nerath which is D&D's Axis and Allies which I really like because I like D&D and Risk so this scratches both itches.  

Warhammer Red Box! Blood Royale, the game that can never be played. If you have a weekend with games nuts drag this out because it will take that long to play it. Warhammer 40K 1st edition! Warrior Knights, so good I bought the remake by Fantasy Flight games and is now probably my fave board game of all. D&D Rules Cyclopedia! Games Workshop made some amazing games in the 80's and early 90's before everying went grim dark. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Battle Masters!

I've been playing a lot of this lately. But only when the missus isn't here. :D


The view from the stairs.

Gorefest the Destroyer has punched a hole through the center of the Imperial defense but the cavalry are sweeping in from the right flank. Will they be in time?

It could go either way...

The Knights of the White Wolf fight valiantly. Meanwhile Gorefest lays siege to the tower.

Gorefest falls but the forces of chaos overwhelm the defenders.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Time on Solpertaine

"Time, like an ever rolling stream,
Bears all its sons away;
They fly, forgotten, as a dream
Dies at the opening day"

Isaac Watts

Solpertaine is a world which uses as a base:- Earth circa the dark ages and pre-wars Greyhawk. Months are as Earth's but have been renamed for flavour but still retain the same number of days. Calender starts with springtime.

Seasons:- Earrach          Months:- Marta               Days:- Moon's Day
                                                       Aibrean                       Nuada's Day
                                                       Bealtaine                    Wodan's Day
                 Samhdadh                     Meitheamh                 Modi's Day
                                                       Luil                              Istus's Day
                                                       Lunasa                        Minerva's Day
                 Fomhair                         Mean Fomhair            Sun's Day
                                                       Deireadh Fomhair
                 Geimhreadh                  Nollaig

Festival Days

Feabhra                      1st                    Isus
                                    13th - 14th       Myhriss
Marta                          19th - 23rd       Minerva
Bealtaine                    1st                    Idun
                                    6th                   Istus
                                   24th - 25th       Demeter (Uller)
                                   28th -               Njord
Meitheamh                 1st
                                   20th - 22nd      Silvanus
Lunasa                       1                       Lugh
                                   2                       Modi
Deireadh Fomhair      11th - 13th        Families and Clans
                                   31st -
Samhain                     1st                    Hel