Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Timeline of the Northern Free States

- 3250  Dwarven War against the Giants
- 2650  Korm Basin sinks into the sea
- 1750  The clan of Mokyll builds the halls that bear his name
- 850    Dwarven kingdom of Mokyll reaches it's height
- 250    Dwarves war against the Svartalfar
- 160    Alberich forges magic in the deep
- 80      Kingdom of Mokyll turns to greed and in-fighting
  10      Alberich falls in civil war but curses the halls with destruction
  90      Dwarves descend into the depths and are lost
  140    Wintershiven founded on the banks of the Korm Basin
  240    The Halls of Mokyll are sealed by the last of the dwarves
  300    Dwarven treasures are raided and sold by Wintershiven merchants, making the town rich
  400    Durgabel separates itself from the rising Kingdom of Wintershiven
  480    Priesthood of Helios run Wintershiven as a theocracy
  530    The Kingdom of Wintershiven expands it's borders eastwards toward the White River
  610    Tuel horse-tribes fight back against Wintershiven expansionism. Barons re-take power from the       church
  690    Plague sweeps up from the swamps of the south
  760    Silverhaven founded by Gabriella Sentinel
  823    Calunghetta repels the hill giant Nosnra
  825    Calunghetta becomes lord of Tydd Gote
  831    Flooding wrecks coasts and rivers, many lives are claimed by Njord
  835    Cilhadrai raiders are turned back to the sea
  840    Present day