Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The World So Far...

Out of Hibernation

The other day I drew up a chart to better understand the relationships between the gods in my pantheon. After a bit of research I've managed to scrawl out the following:-

  The Elder Gods are Woden, Silvanus and Helios. Helios had a son who borrowed his chariot causing much destuction in the heavens until Woden struck him down with a thunderbolt, creating the Burning Lands. Hecate as a moon goddess respects Woden as god of the night sky, envies Myhriss her beauty, is the brother of Helios the sun and is the lover of Abarta. Abarta was the patron god of Tyche before she ascended to godhood as Nuada was to Woden, Modi to Istus and Lugh to Helios. Minerva sprang from the head of Woden and is the sister of Isis and the half-sister of Erythnul. Lugh is married to Myhriss, who had an affair with Erythnul before they were discovered by Helios. Isis married a mortal who was killed by Tiamat, mother of dragons. Horus, the son of Isis is dedicated to seeking vengeance. Demeter is an aspect of Isis who has developed into a god in her own right, as Aeris has developed out of Minerva. Skadi the land and Njord the sea were married until Njord slept with Demeter who gave birth to Idun. Idun was captured by Hel until Demeter bargained for her returned. Now Demeter travels to Hel's palace every winter to serve the queen of death. Skadi left Njord for his infidelity and married Uller, the son of Minerva, who keeps watch over the world in Demeter's absence. Vecna became a god through dark magics known only to him. He fears Hel will claim him to her dread realm. Taiia is a recent god brought into being by the magical schism that saved the Exiles. Istus has weaved her into the world, for good or ill.

Confused? You will be!