Thursday, 17 December 2015

Into the Great Wide Open

  I've converted my players' characters from my home-brew Pathfinder rules into 5th edition with remarkable lack of hassle. There is so much less math involved and the equipment choices and new rules for magic along with the traits, flaws, bonds and ideals make creating a new character more than just a stat balancing exercise.

  After that I converted Albie Fiore's classic "Lichway" scenario (not too hard) and updated my world encounter tables to bring them in line with the new Monster Manual (aquatic encounters were a pain but they were in the Pathfinder version too).

  The party will be starting off in the lakeside village of Garen's Well  12 miles west of Falcon's Hollow in the County of Tydd Gote. After a quick trip across the lake into the mountains the party will be ready to face what lurks beneath...