Monday, 30 November 2015

Good to be Back

  I've been working the summer over at a family restaurant at a popular seaside resort but am now back on regular hours and can do stuff other than work and sleep again. Some friends of mine want to start up a regular D&D session and could I dm for them? Sure can! We will be using 5th edition rules but I will mainly be using 1st edition adventures because it's just such an easy rule set to use and I love them old school scenarios. First up will be "The Lichway" by Albie Fiore from way back in "White Dwarf issue 9" and "Best of White Dwarf Scenarios".

  I love this adventure. It's one of the first I remember exploring as a character when I first started playing this game 30 years ago and it has heaps of atmosphere and great little details waiting to be discovered. I'll tap up a play report after our first session with conversion notes and what have you.
  If they survive that then they should be 2nd level and ready to discover the sinister secret of Saltmarsh.

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