Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Middle

  Last night on The Middle Weird Ashley cancelled her date with Axl because a Dungeons and Dragons player had asked her out and his character was a 9th level Magic User. I had to replay that bit because a) I was laughing too much causing my wife to miss the next bit and b) Magic User? I guess there's a couple of explanations for this incongruity, since MU hasn't been a term in the game since the 80's. One :- Someone writing for the show played D&D when they were younger and popped it into the script using it as an easy reference for something Ashley would be interested in. I think this is pretty cool as it means people in the media feel they can throw in a term like D&D without any explanation of what it is and expect the viewers to recognise the reference. Hey Hasbro! D&D is still a name brand after all :D. Of course, the other explanation is that Ashley's friend is rocking the old-school!

Couldn't find a piccie of Weird Ashley so here's Chevy Chase in Community, another show that's D&D friendly. What's going on? Have a bunch of role-players infiltrated sit-com writing circles? I guess all those creative types left college and are now the position to write what they enjoy and have the backing to get it on the screen. It's some kinda D&D renaissance!


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