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Arcane Strike: Arcane Spells: +1 attack and damage and weapon considered magic, +2 at 4th level 
Shield Focus: Sheild Proficiency, BAB +1: +1 AC when using a shield
    Greater Shield Focus: Shield Focus, 8th Level Fighter: +1 AC when using a shield
Backstabber: Sneak Attack Dice increased to d8
Blind Fight: Re-roll Concealment, Invisible condition gives no advantages against character
Combat Reflexes: Receive extra attacks of opportunity equal to Dex modifier
Combat Expertise: Int 13:Trade attack bonus for AC
    Whirlwind Attack: Dex 13, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Spring Attack: One attack vs all in reach
Improved Feint: Combat Expertise: Feint as move action
    Greater Feint: Imp Feint BAB +6: Enemy lose Dex bonus for 1 round
Critical Focus: BAB +9: +4 to confirm critical hit
Dodge: Dex 13: +1 to AC from attacks by designated opponent
    Mobility: Dodge: +4 AC against attacks of opportunity
    Spring Attack: Mobility, BAB +4: Move before and after melee attack
Wind Stance: Dex 15, Dodge, BAB +6: +2 to AC if move more than 5'
    Lightning Stance: Dex 17, Wind Stance, BAB +11: +4 to AC if move more than 5'
Endurance: +4 on checks to avoid non-lethal dam, may sleep in medium armour without suffering fatigue
Extra Channelling: Cleric: Channel an extra 2 times per day
Extra Ki: Monk: Increase ki pool by 2 points
Extra Lay on Hands: Paladin: Lay on hands 2 extra times per day
Extra Mercy: Paladin: Lay on hands benefits from one additional mercy
Extra Performance: Bard: Extra 6 rounds per day
Extra Rage: Barbarian: Extra 6 rounds per day
Fleet Foot: Base speed +5'
Great Fortitude: +2 Fortitude saves
    Improved Great Fortitude: Great Fortitude: Re-roll one Fort save per day
Improved Critical: BAB +8: Double threat range of one weapon
Improved Familiar: Gain more powerful familiar
Improved Initiative: +4 on Initiative checks
Improved Channel Energy: +2 bonus on Channel Energy DC
Improved Performance: Bard: +3 on Perform checks
Improved Spell Difficulty: +2 DC to saving throw for spell of choice
Improved Use Magic Device: Rogue: +3 on Use Magic Device checks
Improved Unarmed Strike: Always considered armed
    Deflect Arrows: Dex 13, Improved Unarmed Strike: Avoid one ranged attack per round
    Stunning Fist: Dex 13, Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strike, BAB +8: Stun opponent with unarmed strike
    Scorpion Style: Improved Unarmed Strike: Reduce targets speed to 5'
    Gorgon's Fist: Scorpion Style, BAB +6: Stagger a foe whose speed is reduced
    Medusa's Wrath: Gorgon's Fist, BAB +11: Make 2 extra attacks against a hindered foe
Iron Will: +2 bonus to Will saves
    Improved Iron Will: Iron Will: Re-roll one Will save per day
Lightning Reflexes: +2 bonus to Reflex saves
    Improved Lightning Reflexes: Lightning Reflexes: Re-roll one Reflex save per day
Linguist: Learn three languages
Martial Weapon Proficiency: Learn one martial weapon
Mounted Combat: Ride 1 rank: Use mounts attack instead of your own 
Step Up: BAB +1: Take a 5' step as an immediate action
Nimble Moves: Dex 13: Ignore 5ft of difficult terrain when you move
    Acrobatic Moves: Dex 15, Nimble Moves: Ignore 20ft of difficult terrain when you move
Deadly Aim: Dex 13, BAB +1: Trade ranged attack bonus for damage
Point Blank Shot: +1 attack and damage on ranged targets within 30'
    Precise Shot: Point Blank Shot: No penalty for shooting into melee
    Improved Precise Shot: Dex 19, Precise Shot, BAB +11: No cover/concealment penalty on ranged attack
    Pinpoint Targeting: Improved Precise Shot, BAB +16: No armour or shield bonus on ranged attack
    Rapid Shot: Dex 13, Point Blank Shot: May attack 2 targets at -2 to hit each
    Improved Rapid Shot: Rapid Shot, BAB +6: Ranged attack at -2 against 3 targets
    Shot on the Run: Dex 13, Mobility, Point Blank Shot, BAB +4: Make ranged attack at any point during movement
Power Attack: Str 13, BAB +1: Trade melee attack bonus for damage
    Cleave: Power Attack: Make an additional melee attack if the first one hits, -2 AC penalty till next round
    Great Cleave: Cleave, BAB +4: Make an additional melee attack after each successful melee attack, -2 AC penalty till next round
Quick Draw: BAB +1: Draw weapon as a free action
Rapid Reload: Reload crossbow quickly
Run: Run 5 times your normal speed
Selective Channeling: Cha 13, Cleric: Number of creatures equal to Cha mod not affected by Channeling
Simple Weapon Proficiency: Learn all simple weapons
Skill Focus: +3 to one skill (+6 at 10th level)
Skill Training: Make one skill a class skill
Skilled: Pick two skills with a 1+ rank in each for a +2 bonus for both skills
Spell Penetration: +2 on level checks to beat spell resistance
    Greater Spell Penetration: Spell Penetration: +2 on level checks to beat spell resistance
Toughness: +3 hp, +1 per hit die beyond 3
Turn Undead: Channel energy can be used to make undead flee
Two Weapon Fighting: Dex 15: Reduce two weapon fighting penalties
    Double Slice: Two Weapon Fighting: Add Str bonus to off-hand weapon
    Improved Two Weapon Fighting: Dex 17, Two Weapon  Fighting, BAB +6: Additional attack does 2 die weapon damage
    Greater Two Weapon Fighting: Dex 19, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, BAB +11: Additional attack does 3 dice weapon damage
    Two Weapon Defence: Two Weapon Fighting: +1 AC when fighting with two weapons
    Two Weapon Rend: Double Slice, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, BAB +11: Extra damage if both hit
Weapon Finesse: Use Dex instead of Str modifier on to hit rolls with light weapons
Weapon Focus: BAB +1, Proficient with weapon+1 on attack rolls with one weapon
    Weapon Specialization: Weapon Focus, 4th lvl Fighter: +2 damage with one weapon
    Greater Weapon Focus: Weapon Focus, 8th lvl Fighter: +1 on attack rolls with one weapon
    Penetrating Strike: Weapon Focus, 12th lvl Fighter: Attacks ignore 5 pts of damage reduction
    Greater Penetrating Strike: Penetrating Strike, 16th lvl Fighter: Attacks ignore 10 pts of damage reduction
    Greater Weapon Specialization: Weapon Specialization, 12th lvl Fighter: +2 damage with one weapon

Brew Potion: Caster lvl 3rd
Craft Magic Arms and Armour: Caster lvl 5th
Craft Rod: Caster lvl 9th
Craft Staff: Caster lvl 11th
Craft Wand: Caster lvl 5th
Craft Wondrous Item: Caster lvl 3rd
Forge Ring: Caster lvl 7th
Scribe Scroll: Caster lvl 1st

Empower Spell: Increase spell variables by 50%: +2 Spell Levels
Enlarge Spell: Double spell range: +1 Spell Level
Extend Spell: Double spell duration: +1 Spell Level
Heighten Spell: Treat spell as a higher level: Maximum 9th Spell Level
Maximise Spell: Maximise spell variables: +3 Spell Levels
Quicken Spell: Cast spell as a quick action: +4 Spell Levels
Widen Spell: Spell affects twice as many opponents: +3 Spell Levels

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