Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Hills of Mokyll

To the east of the town of Silverhaven, the Hills of Mokyll roll away like the sheets on an unmade bed. Home to dwarfs since anyone can remember, it is also home to many other creatures, both above and below the surface. At the westernmost edge lies the small town Falcon's Hollow which is run by a lumber consortium hell bent on making as much from the local woodland as it can. Leaving here and following the River Foam upwards brings you to the village of Dunlanding, home of the Greybeard Clan. The outer village serves mainly as a trading post and houses many excellent inns and taverns to house the merchants and other travellers who come here. Beneath the cliffs the caverns stretch further than even the current inhabitants realize. Much of what lies below has been blocked off since before the Dwarfen Seclusion although some tomes speak of a great sealed gate, behind which lie unspeakable horrors and ancient evils. Above the soil and in the light of the sun the land is at peace. It has been many a year since the hill giants were routed, although remnants of their forces litter the land raiding smallholdings and causing trouble for the local hill farmers. Orcs and other Svartalfar regularly mass into larger groups but recently they seem to have become better organised, as if there was a new power at play unknown to those in more civilized dwellings.

Hill Encounters

Dire Bat                           01
Giant Ant                         02
Giant Bombardier Beetle  03
Giant Eagle                      04-05
Cockatrice                       06
Dwarf                              07-08
Basilisk                            09-10
Dire Wolf                        11-15
Gnoll                               16-17
Gnome                            18-21
Goblin                             22-23
Brown Bear                     24
Halfling                           25-27
Hobgoblin                       28
Hippogriff                       29-30
Werewolf                        31
Manticore                       32
Tribesmen                       33-34    Cilhadrai hunter-gatherers
Bandits                           35-44     Rural thieves on the lookout for easy pickings
Pilgrims                          45-46     Worshippers of Abarta, Lugh or Uller
Merchant                        47-60    Merchant caravan with guards and retinue
Nomads                          61-62    Tuel hunter-gatherers, riders of the plains
Herders                          63-67     Sheep farmers and crofters
Ogre                               68-75
Orc                                76-85
Dire Rat                          86-88
Wererat                          89-90
Wolf                               91-00

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