Sunday, 12 June 2016

This Must Be the Place

  Me and Mrs F spent yesterday clearing out the junk and re-sorting the back bedroom. It's nice to have a bit of space to spread out in again, especially if I want to leave a board game mid-way through without having to call it a day. New pics are up on the walls, new shelving put in and everything is nice and tidy.

  I haven't been posting very much lately  due to a bunch a stuff but now the laptop is easily accessible and I have a few projects on the go so plenty to natter about. The biggest thing that has been keeping me occupied (sane?) is Oldhammer. I bought a 4th edition starter (goblins vs high elves) set last year and started something off. The 6th edition starter set (orcs vs empire) followed and I soon began tracking down the 4th edition army books. I wasn't going to bother painted my soldiers until my sister's boyfriend sold me a Citadel starter paint kit for a fiver and so I set to work. I now have a small army of orcs and goblins from the 4th, 6th and 7th sets painted up with some extra fanatics and a recently purchased rock lobber. As of yesterday I now have all of the starter sets, 4th edition army books (including the Chaos set) and the magic box. Cardboard buildings have been assembled and scenery is getting scratch built and painted.

  I guess I settled on using the 4th/5th edition rules just because they felt right to me. I had the old 2nd edition box when it came out but never played that much. At the time I had a bunch of Chronicle orcs which looked great, their wolf riders were really something. They are now long gone though after I had one of those "put away childish things" phases some people have. I cringe now at the stuff I cleared out. Never mind. I know 3rd edition rules get a lot of kudos but as much as I love flicking through the book it all feels a bit overwhelming. I like the stripped down nature of the 4th/5th  rule set and the fluff and graphics of this era bring the conflicts to life. As much as I can admire the rule books of the 6th - 8th edition I've never been into all of that grimdark stuff. I much prefer the full colour (too much red) gonzo craziness of the mid period stuff.

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  1. Yeah, 4th edition's my favourite edition too, it's the set where I learnt to wargame with...


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