Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Herohammer Fun Day!

I'd bought some Warhammer starter sets cheap last year but never had any intention of painting them until my sister's BF sold me a starter paint set. I've now painted up the orcs and goblins from the 4th, 6th and 7th starter sets and got hold of some of those cardboard buildings which are quite charming. For a first go I don't think they've come out too badly. I'm now going to crack on and paint the elves from the 4th set and work through the Empire and then the Dwarves of Skull Pass. When that lot is done I'll finally build the 5th edition set. Phew!

I've been enjoying using the 5th edition rules, they are just a whole bunch of fun as long as you points cap character models. The look and feel of Warhammer from this time just feels right to me, but then again I grew up in the eighties and so I love the gonzo attitude of the army books and cartoony illustrations. Definitely nothing grimdark around here.

The orcs were the first figures I've ever painted. Was far too heavy handed with the undercoat but you have to learn somehow. I still like them though.

The infamous watermill, bane of crafters. Took a lot of patience that one.

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