Thursday, 23 June 2016

Orc Rock Lobber

I've just finished painting up the Orc Rock Lobber and crew. I'd bought it pre-undercoated in white and I have found that this is a lot less forgiving on my amateur brush skills than a black undercoat. Something to be aware of before starting the next batch of miniatures I've also painted up my home-made bridge and have been scouting the net for figures to replace the cardboard stand up tokens from the 4th ed. starter set. The mounted elf lord from the last starter set and orc chariot from the 6th set now join the rock lobber and the elven bolt thrower will be easy to pick up. That just leaves the wyvern...

Ps. I have just managed to get a copy of Blood Bath at Orc's Drift minus the buildings and counters. I had this classic 2nd edition pack as a teenager and am really excited about getting my hands on it again. 

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