Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Into the Woods

  "The atmosphere suggested that God's Doom had been visited on this place as freely as it had been visited elsewhere. Yet I was grateful for any kind of calm, and after two days without danger presenting itself I found that I could sleep quite easily for several hours and could eat with a degree of leisure, drinking from sweet brook water made strange to me because it did not taste of the corpses which clogged, for instance, the Elbe from bank to bank.
  It was remarkable to me that the deeper into the forest I moved, the less life I discovered.
  The stillness began to oppress me; I became grateful for the sound of my own movements, the tread of the horse's hooves on the turf, the occasional breeze which swept the leaves of the trees, animating them and making them seem less like frozen giants observing my passage with a passionless sense of the danger lying ahead of me.
  It was warm and I had an impulse more than once to remove my helmet and breastplate, but I kept them firmly on, sleeping in my armour as was my habit, a naked sword ready by my hand.
  I came to believe that this was not, after all, a Paradise, but the borderland between Earth and Hell."
Micheal Moorcock - The Warhound and the World's Pain

Woodlands are strange, magical places that may hide passages between worlds that can trick the unwary traveller. Step carefully, keep your wits about you and be respectful towards any strangers (or strangeness) and you'll come back without any scars! 

Forest Encounters

Ettercap                           01-02
Giant Ant                         03-04
Black Bear                       05-07
Bombardier Beetle           08-09
Kobold                            10-11
Wild Boar                        12-14
Elf                                    15-18
Dire Boar                             19
Gnoll                                    20
Gnome                              21-22
Goblin                                  23
Halfling                                 24
Hobgoblin                             25
Werebear                             26
Wereboar                             27
Werewolf                              28
Green Hag                            29
Bandit                                30-37     Rural thieves on the lookout for easy pickings
Tribesmen                          38-40     Cilhadrai hunter gatherers
Nomad                              41-42     Tuel hunter gatherers
Merchant                           43-55     Merchant caravan with guards and retinue
Pilgrim                               56-60     Worshippers of Abarta, Lugh or Uller
Ogre                                  61-70
Orc                                    71-82
Giant Rat                            83-85
Huge Monstrous Spider      86-91
Owlbear                               92
Wolf                                   93-00

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