Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bivouac On a Mountainside

I see before me now a traveling army halting,
Below a fertile valley spread, with barns and the orchards of summer,
Behind, the terraced sides of a mountain, abrupt, in places rising high,
Broken, with rocks, with clinging cedars, with tall shapes dingily seen,
The numerous camp-fires scatter'd near and far, some away up on the mountain,
The shadowy forms of men and horses, looming, large-sized, flickering,
And over all the sky--the sky! far, far out of reach, studded,
breaking out, the eternal stars.

Walt Whitman

Mountain Encounters

Black Bear        01-02
Dwarf                 03-15
Hill Giant            16-17
Gnoll                   18-19
Gnome               20-21
Goblin                 22-24
Hobgoblin          25-26
Werebear              27
Werewolf            28-29
Manticore              30
Bandit                 31-37     Rural thieves on the lookout for easy pickings
Tribesmen           38-39     Cilhadrai hunter gatherers
Nomad                40-41    Tuel hunter gatherers
Merchant             42-51     Merchant caravan with guards and retinue
Pilgrim                 52-59     Worshippers of Abarta, Lugh or Uller
Ogre                    60-67
Orc                       68-80
Vampire              81-87
Will-o-Wisp          88-89
Wolf                      90-00

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