Thursday, 7 June 2012

Creation Myth

All around was dark and sparkling with the potential of all that could ever be. Great Mother Khaos lay sleeping; dormant, eternal, but not alone. Her two children, Thanatos and Solpertaine were dancing among the cascades of probabilities.
"Mother is asleep" grinned Thanatos.
As has always been" she replied, sighing.
"I shall creep up to her box of jewels and steal one for you, my pretty sister, and you shall shine!" And with that off he tip-toed towards the great slumbering hulk of his mother. Twinkling and iridescent were the many ideas that shone down on her dreaming. Fleeting, wispy things, that glimmered and glowed. Thanatos gently crept by her, whispering sweet sonnets into her ear as he passed. Khaos smiled, and slept on.
The small box drew within reach, the lid was opened, the gem inside grasped. Quickly transported back was the light to the luxuriant form of Solpertaine. She looked up from her drowsy reverie as her brother approached with eager expectation.
Close your eyes and open your mouth!” he cried. She giggled, then gasped as she felt the warmth of his gift within her. Opening her eyes she looked down and saw the small greeny-blue jewel in her belly.
Sing for me my sister, sing of desire and wonder and magic and love.” She looked at him with the heavens reflected in her eyes, tipped back her slender neck and began to sing. 

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