Saturday, 28 April 2012

News From Silverhaven

Military Strength: 3          Alignment: CN          Wisdom: +1          Diplomacy: 0
Hardship: 8                     Discontent: 8

Resource Limit: 16
Treasury: 10,000 Gp
Tax Rate: Medium, 1,000 Gp  x Population 52 = 52,000 Gp

Realm Diplomacy          Structures
Farfield: 15                    Temple to Abarta: +3 to Discontent rolls
Durgabel: 13                  Warehouses: Resource Limit +5
Wintershiven: 14             Barracks: Recruit Troops costs 10% less
Arras: 20                        Foodstores: +3 to Hardship rolls
Freeport: 22
Glotspur: 15

Population and Resources
Terrain          No.          Population          Resources
Plains             3                   36                       3
Hills               1                     6                       3
Forest            1                     7                       5
Bases             1                     4
Total              5                   52                      11

Spring 840
 Trade talks with Durgabel fail disastrously after negotiations break down. This has greatly peeved Lord Calunghetta who has called for his daughter to return from the neighbouring court. Ulfgar has been asked to send representatives to smooth things over and restore the previously held good will before more discussions can be held. Plague has struck the small town of Falcon's Hollow though the local water supply. A cure can be made but the ingredients are scarce and can only be found deep in the woodlands where a powerful witch is said to dwell. An abandoned dwarfen temple must also be sought out and explored before all can be set right. The Undead have been seen roaming the Korm Peninsula. A group of treasure-seekers recently set out to find the ruins of the mausoleum said to be there but have not returned. What has returned instead is ghastly and an affront to the gods. Sandpoint folk are preparing to celebrate the Swallowtail Festival and consecrate the new Cathedral to Idun. There is much joy in the town and pilgrims and well-wishers are flocking into the area for much merriment and goodwill. Elsewhere, flooding has brought hardship upon the citizens of Farfield, riches have been found in the woodlands of Arras and a hero from the lands of Glotspur has been making waves.

By the way, my Basic and Expert Rulebooks have arrived. Example of play contains this nugget "DM: Black Dougal, you find out that you missed a tiny discoloured  needle in the latch. Roll a saving throw vs. Poison, please! Dougal (rolling): Missed it! DM: Black Dougal gasps "Poison!" and falls to the floor. He looks dead. Fredrik: I'm grabbing his pack". Life was brutal back then. Kids today never had it so good, when I was a lad blah blah blah...

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