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A Brief History of Mine

History of Solpertaine

-135,000          Humanity appears in the Burning Lands
-100,000          Tribes migrate northwards
-90,000            Humanity in the Sulmaneesh
-75,000            Humanity reachs the Eastlander region
-40,000            Humanity reachs the Tuel and Pomeraine regions
-20,000            Glaciation at it's height
-17,000            Humanity reachs Cilhadrai region
-13,000            Farming begins in Sulmaneesh
-8,000              End of glaciation, rapid rise in sea level, villages form in Sulmaneesh
-6,500              First city formed (Ur in the Sulmaneesh)
-4,300              Megalithic structures built in the Tuel region
-4,000              Farming has spread north to Cilhadrai
-3,800              Bronze invented in Sulmaneesh
-3,650              Wheeled vehicles invented
-3,500              Writing invented, Burning Lands formed from fertile plains
-2,630              First pyramid built
-2,350              Code of Laws introduced in Sulmaneesh
-2,300              Farming reaches the Eastlander region
-2,200              Empire of the Lotus formed
-2,100              First ziggurats built
-2,000              Major megalithic structures in the Tuel region, Pomeraine civilisation begins to rise, Gilgamesh the King rules in Sulmaneesh
-1,600              First of the Pomeraine city-states formed
-1,500              The Exiles appear in southern lands
-1,200              Agamemnon rules in the Sulmaneesh
-1,400              Iron production begins in Sulmaneesh
-800                 Founding of Carthage
-750                 Founding of Lysander, Pomeraine alphabet developed
-700                 Metal coins forged in Sulmaneesh
-650                 Founding of Viristanium, Pomerainians forge coins
-600                 Meroe, capital of Kesh in the Burning Lands formed
-500                 Lysander becomes republic after the Tarquin Kings are expelled
-475                 Iron use reaches the Eastlander region
-460                 Democracy introduced in Pomeraine
-440                 Temple to Aeris completed
-430 - -400      Pomeraine wars among the city states
-400                 Lysander begins expansion
-350                 Crossbow invented in Eastlander region
-340                 Hecate becomes patron of Viristantium
-330                 Lysandan empire invade Sulmaneesh
-320 - -280      Lysandan empire breaks down into smaller states
-260                 First gladitorial contests in Lysander
-260 - -240      War between Lysander and Carthage
-170                 Paved streets in Lysander
-150                 All Pomeraine region under control of Lysander, Carthage burns
-140                 Direct cultural dialogue between Eastlander and Pomeraine/Tuel regions
-135 - -132      First Slave War (Lysander)
-104 - -99        Second Slave War
-73 - -71          Third Slave War
-58                   Lysander invades the Tuel region
-30                   Sundial in common use in Empire of the Lotus
0                      Emperor crowned in Lysander
64                    City of Lysander suffers great fire destroying half of the city
118                  City of Lysander's population reaches one million
220                  Three Kingdoms period begins in the Empire of the Lotus
284                  Lysanden Empire splits in two
291                  Rebellion of the Eight Princes (Empire of the Lotus)
330                  Viristanium becomes capital of the eastern half of the Lysanden Empire
363                  Lysanden/Sulmaneesh treaty
391                  Great Library destroyed by fire
408 – 410        Lysander besieged by Tuel tribesmen, Tuel invent stirrups
433 – 452        The Scourge attack both halves of the Lysanden Empire
449                  Metal horseshoes spread throughout the Tuel region
455                  Lysander sacked by Tuel who then settle in Carthage
476                  Odoacer defeats the Western Lysanden Empire and declares himself king
486                  Clovis unites Tuel and forms capital at Lutetia
524 – 532        War between Viristanium and Sulmaneesh
536                  Viristanium forces re-take Lysander
572 – 591        War between Viristanium and Sulmaneesh
590                  High Priest Gregory brings order to Lysander
598                  Coulter plough revolutionises farming in Tuel region
621                  Porcelain manufactured in Eastlander
644                 Windmill invented in Sulmaneesh
697                 Sulmaneesh forces attack Carthage
711                 Sulmaneesh forces attack Galacia
732                 Tuel forces defeat Sulmaneesh, halting expansion
765                 Crop rotation now established
772                 Reign of Tears begins in the Tuel Region
793                 Cilhadrai settlers begin moving south
804                 Reign of Tears ends
814                 Holy Emperor dies
832                 Holy Empire descends into rebellion
840                 Three sided civil war erupts between claims to the Imperial throne


  1. Nice timeline. I love world building and am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    To see some earlier world building I did check out



  2. Thanx Eli. I've always loved poring over maps and imagining what it's like down at eye level. D&D is my tool for giving my collection of squiggly lines and ideas some sort of cohesion and verisimilitude for when my mates stomp over them orc-bashing.

  3. Wow... I mean, just, wow! Amazingly detailed timeline. My hat off to you, sir, for such great effort of work and imagination.

  4. I've a copy of Cassel's Chronology of World Events and I'm gonna use it! Picked the bits that interest me and that could be expanded into bits of campaign backround, changed some names, nudged some dates around and hey presto!

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