Thursday, 26 January 2012

Solpertaine Map One

 Presenting the rest of the north-west. The Holy Empire consists of all of the lands south-east of Aquitaine, round the string of mountains at Neustria, then east again as far as Bernicia. Lysander dreams of it's former glories on the southern coast and many of the southern-most kingdoms are held by the Sulmaneesh. Eadelbraig, Cadwallon, Ys and Cordoba continue to ignore Imperial intrigues. In the north many Cilhadrai colonists cross the seas settling anywhere they can, even as far as Kairouan and further.


  1. Here is a link you might find useful:

    Hope you find it inspiring and of use :o)

  2. Just been looking at the Imperial Map of Arden. Wow! Thanks for the link.


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