Thursday, 3 April 2014

Travellers' Guide to Tydd Gote

  The County of Tydd Gote contains much that could harm the unwary traveller. Banditry is rife and the Svartalfar are a constant threat. Giant spiders menace the woodlands and strange lights and stranger creatures lurk in the swamps.
  Leaving the town of Tydd Gote on the coast and heading up river first takes you past fenland and into the Teeth of Gorand. Local legend tells us that Lugh once was travelling in the land and came upon the titan Gorand feasting upon a stag. Lugh hungered but Gorand was loath to part with any of his meal, especially to the rival of Erythnul. Lugh proposed a wager, that if Gorand could strike him he could have his magical spear, but if not then Lugh could have a portion of the meal. Gorand let out a mighty laugh and hurled a leg bone at the god, knocking off his helm. Lugh felt the furies take him and punched the titan square in the mouth, knocking out his teeth which now form these mountains.
  The dwarfen folk of this area are very reclusive and fearful, opening their halls only when necessary to trade supplies with chosen and trusted merchants as there is a tale that a vampire haunts the peaks, something the dwarfs take deadly seriously.
  The village of Stockflow lies on the meeting point of the River Foam and Droskar's Creek. Heading up creek will take you to a lumber camp and then into woodland that contains an abandoned dwarfen monastery and the lair of the witch Ulizmila.
  Continuing east along the River Foam leads to the town of Falcon's Hollow, center of Tydd Gote's lumber trade and last outpost before heading into the Hills of Mokyll. This town has faced many problems from attacks of orcs and ogres from out of the hills to creatures of the woods halting wood production to Cilhadrai attacking farmsteads and disrupting trade. But still it endures, shipping goods downriver through the gap in the teeth back to Tydd Gote.
  North-east of the Hollow is the Dirkwood, south-east lies the Hills of Mokyll where the giant Nosnra once held sway and between the two live the lizardfolk in the mire. These creatures care little for the affairs of men but are generally benign if approached respectfully.
  The plains to the north of Tydd Gote are rich for farming and the town of Sandpoint has grown into a prosperous and happy center of agriculture. Recently the citizens of this town have built a new temple to Idun and the air is full of celebration.

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