Friday, 28 March 2014

Sormav of the Hollow

Sormav - Magistrate Elect
4th Level Cleric of Hecate

Str      13          Feats - Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, Extra Channeling
Int       10          Skills - Religion +5, Diplomacy +6, Heal +8, Insight +8
Wis    16           Powers - Channel Energy, Domains (Artifice and Knowledge), Spells
Dex      8                          Cast mending at will. Touch melee attack 1d6+2 damage vs objects and
Con    14                          constructs  (bypasses 4 pts of hardness and DR); touch a creature to get a
Chr     12                          knowledge check of 21 to find abilities and weaknesses.

Hp      31          Equipment - Full plate, shield, masterwork dagger, crossbow
AC     20                              5 scrolls of cure light wounds, potions of blur, levitate and fly
Fort    +6
Ref       0          Dagger - +5 to hit, 1d4+1 dam, Crit 19x2, Rng 10'
Will     +7         Crossbow - +2 to hit, 1d8 dam, Crit 19x2, Rng 80'

                         Spells - Detect Magic, Light, Read Magic, Stabilize
                                      Shield of Faith, Bane, Cause Fear, Doom
                                      Darkness, Hold Person, Spiritual Weapon

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