Wednesday, 7 December 2011

And So It Begins...

“Come on in, you look like you've travelled far. A disparate band of holy people, dabblers in the arcane arts, chancers and sell-swords I see. Warm yourselves by the fire and tell me what brings you out here on this rain-swept night. Some old tomb or ancient temple from the past, rumours of gold or evil stirring in dark lairs I'll wager. Well it's a big old world out there and glory and gold are there for the taking. New kingdoms are taking root, old empires are falling away or evolving into new forms, and the peasantry are always under threat from some quarter. There are many that could use a group such as yourselves. You will face difficult choices ahead; who to trust, who to serve and which roads to pursue. You will need to stick together to triumph in the face of overwhelming evil, that's one thing for certain. For however powerful you may become be sure that there is always someone (or thing) mightier than yourself, waiting in the darkness, to strike in that moment of weakness. The friendship that bonds you together can act as a shield against the troubles you will face, more powerful than any dweomer or suit of armour. You will need the wits and abilities of each of you to succeed against the challenges ahead, working in unison with a clear purpose. Many have passed who thought they could stand alone, many have turned to darkness who once had high ideals. Too many graves as the forces of evil rally and insinuate into every corner of the world. But don't let the ramblings of an old man put you off! Suzie, fetch a round of ales for our guests. It's going to be a long night.”

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