Friday, 9 December 2016

Top 20 Games According to Board Game Geek.

   I've just been playing Space Crusade and putting off getting on with the present wrapping. This game completes my collection of the games Games Workshop made in collaboration with Milton Bradley and sits happily alongside the mighty Heroquest and Battle Masters. As I was listing it on my profile on BBG I thought I'd put up an end of year chart a la Christmas Top of the Pops so without further ado...

  20  Cosmic Encounter   Picked up in a junk shop. Has made me very happy (see below).

  19  Lord of the Rings  Abstaction of the story may have put many people off this game but I love it. Last time I played it was down to the last roll of the game if the hobbits were going to pull through.
  18  Quirkle  Took this on a trip to New Zealand and Kate really enjoyed it. It's Scrabble but replaces letters for coloured symbols. Easy abstract game you can play anywhere.
  17  Warhammer Quest  Brutally hard dungeon quester with great role-play book. Maybe Games Workshop's finest moment as a producer of board games with a ton of great figures, good quality, chunky components and quality finish throughout. This was GW's golden age in one game.
  16  Liar's Dice  Don't know why this game is so high in the ratings. I bought a couple of copies from junk shops as a cheap way to pile up on d6s.
  15  Diplomacy  The game that never comes out of the closet. Play Power instead, it's pretty much the same game but with added fun.
  14  Jamaica  Boo! Buccaneer isn't on here but Jamaica is a great little race game with a pirate theme and really lovely components to play with.
  13  LotR Confrontation  It's Stratego with knobs on. I also have Stratego Waterloo which is also Stratego with knobs on but also looks amazing when set up on the table.
  12  Bohnanza  Another junk shop find. On the yet to be played pile.
  11  Ingenious  I really like this game but the score board can be a bit fiddley with the pegs pinging off into the carpet.
  10 Taj Mahal  Found cheap in The Works. Yet to be played.
   9   Catan  Still up here! Everyone knows how to play it by now so comes out regularly as a Monopoly substitute. I've nothing against Monopoly as long as no-one plays house rules or starts doing deals to drag the game out to insufferable lengths. Last version played - Coronation Street which I managed to win after bagging Elsie Tanner's house.
   8   Blood Bowl Team Manager  Possibly better than the board game.
   7   Battlelore  I love this game so much. My favourite war game by a clear mile and so playable straight out of the box. Easy to pick up and with the Call to Arms expansion almost limitless.
   6   Acquire  It's alright. Plays a good game but lacking in razzle dazzle.                                  
   5   Hive  Nice chunky tiles to clunk down. Haven't played it yet. Junk shop find.
   4   Space Hulk  Untangling the tyranid figures is like sorting the lights out for the Christmas tree. Takes up a mammoth amount of table space. It's Aliens, the board game and how GW can moan about copyright infringement after the amount of IP they're helped themselves to over the years is beyond me. Really good game by the way. If you have more than two players get out Space Crusade instead.
   3   Small World  Easy, fun area control game with bags of variation. Has given Kings and Things quite a roughing up and dumped it in a back alley.
   2   Descent  Current king of the dungeon questers. Really well made if lacking the blood and sweat of Warhammer Quest.
   1   Lords of Waterdeep  Another game my wife Kate really likes although she does totally ignore all of the flavour text and just gets down to the task of collecting coloured cubes and converting them into points. Something she does with great efficiency. A really, really great worker placement game that is so much more than the sum of it's parts. I've taken it to board game club nights and played it with non-gamers and everyone's had a great time. A deserved number one.

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