Friday, 10 August 2012

Death of an Empire

814 - The Holy Emperor dies and is succeeded by his son Louis the Pious
817 - Louis the Pious appoints his son Lothair co-emperor. His other sons Pepin and Louis the Goth govern Aquitaine and Marienburg respectively
823 - High Priest Paschal crowns Lothair as king of all the lands between Galicia and Bernicia
826 - Louis the Pious recognises King Rollo as chief of the Cordobans and forms a non-aggression pact with them
828 - Louis the Goth repels an invasion from the wilderness of Tournai
829 - Cilhadrai raiders attack Frisia
830 - Pepin and Louis the Goth rebel against their father, who regains his authority in the fall
832 - Louis the Pious's sons again rebel against his rule
833 - Louis the Pious is deposed by his sons
834 - Louis the Pious is again restored to the throne as his sons war on each other. Cilhadrai raiders attack targets along the coast from Frisia to Cordoba
840 - Louis the Pious dies and is succeeded  by his son Lothair. Civil war erupts between Lothair in Lutia, Alemmania, Neustria, Galicia, Ravenna and Bernicia; Pepin in Aquitaine, Frisia, Thuringia and Swabia and Louis the Goth in Marienburg, Austrasia, Soissons and Vortigern

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